The Third Road

Session 10

Session 10

The group says their final farewells to those in the Crane Court, just as the boar, King, comes tearing down the dock. The party shrugs and let’s Captain David know that he will be coming along as well. All of the old crew is part of the much larger vessel, and they all catch up. Zili ‘helps’ to swab the deck by splashing water at people. Red inquires on ‘flirting’ and the mating habits of other creatures. Eileen and Will try to explain their race. When they stumble, Zili interjects, but Red is still confused. When questioned about her love life, Zili shuts down quickly.

Dinner is served, and all eat together on deck when Zili gets beamed on the head with a wet rocks. When she goes to investigate, she discovers a face in the water who goes about playing a game of catch with her. Eventually the other party members join her, then inform the captain. Will goes to procure some soft wax or cotton, worried that the mermaid in the water will bewitch them with their song. A second mermaid appears, and then two more and Zili scampers down a rope to make a trade with the first mermaid. Eileen grabs the unsecured end to save the goblin an icy swim, but after trying to make a deal with a goblin to stay out of trouble, Zili decides she wants the trade and jumps in. The mermaid kindly grabs Zili and brings her to the slowly departing ship and insists on a trade if they want Zili back. After trading news of the impending Lanx invasion, Zili is traded back to the ship. The first mermaid is introduced as “Quen” and says that she will talk to her father about the news she’s received. Apparently there is also a storm on the way.

Zili spends time in the crows nest, regaling the crew member with stories, until on the second day a Lanx ship is spotted on the horizon. The captain surveys the situation with a telescope and it turns out there is one human among the dragon men. There is some commotion around Nikki, who though already dressed as a man, tucks her long black tresses up under a large hat. Eileen, Zili and Nikki are led down to the lower decks and hidden in a secret compartment. Zili refuses to hide where she’s asked to. Eileen draws out Nikki’s story on how the human on the other ship is her brother, and that when she ran away to be with David, she stole some important documents.

Up top, Red is positioned to look like he is overseeing the humans, David is steering, and Will is standing off to the side. The opposing ships signal to the Eagle’s Shadow asking their alliance, to which Will (at Red’s behest) runs down to the store rooms and grabs some appropriate bolts of cloth. After some flag raising, and heading changes, the E.S. is told they are heading into dangerous waters and left alone. More maneuvering occurs, and they are finally led out of danger. Will goes below to get Eileen, Nikki and Zili out of hiding, resulting in spilled tea leaves and piles of cloth strewn about. Red corners Nikki and gets a few of his answers about the Lanx answered, though even more rise.

Red patiently attempts to keep Zili busy and out of the hair of the crew by giving Zili a ‘job’ of finding coppers on the ship. On the 4th day one of the crew members accuse another of stealing his ring. Upon investigation, it turns out Zili is the culprit (though she insists she was well-meaning). In spite of Red once again attempting to patiently explain where she went wrong, Zili insists on on taking what advice he had to give as a good reason for a temper tantrum.

Later that day Nicolita has a talk with Zili about the rules of the ship and warns Zili that if she breaks them, to keep peace amongst the crew, the Captain will have to meet out punishment.


“Most people like us start to feel these things when they come to maturity.” -Eileen
“Yes…’most’..” -Will, giving Eileen a ‘look’.

“I can’t say his name out of water.” – Quen
“His name is blrlrlrlrlrtictictic!” -Pat and Aaron

“I said Red and White! Not Red and Gingham!” -Red

“I am wiry!” -Zili

“I do not like the captain, his favor is dumb!” -Zili


Sarsarun Sarsarun

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