The Third Road

Session 11

The Isle of Skye

It takes a few days, but the storm finally brews itself around the ship. The party is sent to the hold and told to stay there so they don’t get washed out to sea. Hours pass in horrible silence and water that sloshes around their feet before, without warning, the storm stops dead. Zili goes up to the top to see there are blue skies, complete with birds. They all go up to find the sailors blinded by the noonday sun and very confused as to what’s happened. Red offers the suggestion that they may have portaled somewhere new. Eileen says the storm may have been set up to protect the Isle of Skye. King is fairing less well then the others and stays to himself for the most part.

After a night sleep, the group (Minus an already woken Red) is woke by King who is very anxious to get onto shore. It is a gloriously beautiful morning and the Isle reminds the Mays very much of their native Ireland. David decides to travel with them a way to see the ‘Warrior Woman’. They continue along the path until reaching a 25 foot high wall made of trees woven together. Many different attempts to breech the wall fail, when Eileen yells “Oi!!”. A blond woman appears on top of the wall and grills them on their worthiness to be trained by Skathash. Eileen gives Red’s medallion up to prove they are sent by the Queen (an interaction the woman finds very amusing). After taking the letter of introduction from Zili, the woman Uathach, leaves by walking through the wall. David decides to take his leave at this point, possibly unhinged by the use of so much protective magic.

The next morning, the woman returns, waking up the Mays, but not the others. Apparently Red is of note to her or her superior. She asks him some questions on the nature of the Lonks. In turn, she asks each individually about themselves. King curiously continues to bow before the woman before being told to rise. Uathach seems to be able to talk to the Boar. She says the test to be trained is very dangerous, but all seem ready. An opening appears in the wall and they walk through into a wide, sunny field. Slowly the sky darkens and rain starts to fall, making the ground fill with mud which quickly rises by feet. The Boar falls, prompting Zili to call a stop. Eileen decides that this must be part of the ‘test’ and tries to fire a spell at the impeding mud, but vanishes as soon as the fire leaves her finger tips. Red starts breathing fire at the ground, Will lunges for his sister and Zili shifts the Boar above the ground with her power to prevent him from sinking but then they also disappear.

Eileen first, followed by Will and Zili wake, all somber and quiet. Zili cries and hugs Will, while Red sheds his armor. A change has fallen over the party, especially in Red who is much less regimented now. They pause for a recoop, then head on again until they reach a seemingly neverending field of 10 foot high grass. Pressing on, they start through the grass when, annoying at first and quickly increasing to pain, the blades of grass start to cut through their clothing and skin.


Will: (In regards to the boys eying Eileen’s air-drying skivvies): Watch it, boys.

Red: My name is Red, I’ve been learning magic since I was a year old. Will & Eileen: (give each other a significant look)

Leif: These things are really good. They’re better when you pick them. Eileen: You lazy bastard. Leif: Yes, but I’m your lazy bastard.

Kendra: Do you guys plan on keeping watch tonight? Red: (points to self) ... starfished.


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