The Third Road

Session 12

The Proposal

The party is surrounded by the bodies of the fallen ogres, and Zili wastes no time is procuring whatever they may have had on them. Continuing on, they run into a young boy named Angus McDonnell who grills them on their pasts, stories and their reason for coming to the isle. Zili tells a somewhat somber story, Eileen tells one about her war, and Red doesn’t tell too much. They are led to a bridge, which turns out to be more of a see-saw then anything. Red thinks of a way to get across which involves wedging something between then edge of the bridge and the wall closest to them so they can get half the way over before figuring out the rest of the way. Zili and Eileen entertain the crowd that has gathered on the opposite side while Red and King find an appropriate wedging material. Some genius ‘finagling on Red’s behalf’ later, they manage to get them all on the other side. The crowd lets up a loud cheer, and as it settles down, a lone clap is heard above them on a ledge. Skathash is waiting for them and bids them to come inside to start their training. They are led into the great fortress, and have an audience with Skathash who gives them the run down on what their training will be like.

1. If you want to leave, do it before the night is over.
2. You will follow the training regiment, much of it in the rain and miserable conditions.
3. Uniform will be worn (A kilt)

They are led to their rooms, where immediately Red and Eileen get into a theological discussion about what they should and should not accept. Red and Zili leave Eileen and go for a look around and have a talk about sticking together. Eileen goes for a walk with Leif and meets up with Uthaugh who accompanies her to town. They end up at a Scottish bar where they partake in a fair amount of whiskey (as it’s Eileen’s last night of freedom for an indeterminate amount of time). Red requests an audience with Skathash again, and sets terms of his own. After much discussion, Skathash sends him away to get the permission from his companions to be able to set his own terms. Zili gives it right away, but he waits until the next day to as Eileen who is very inebriated and being swindled by Zili. Deals are made, training begins.


“Are ye done looting those corpses?” -Eileen
“Not quite yet!” -Zili (Very happily raiding ogre bodies)

“No tea? This place is barbaric… I’m out of here.” -Red on the Isle of Skye

“Well, I’ll give you a pink frilly kilt. It’s definitely not what everyone else will be wearing.” -Skathash to Red.


Sarsarun Myrthful

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