The Third Road

Session 4

60 Years of Dead Space

Still trapped in maze, some party members blinded with acid, they small group pauses in their trek. Horribly lost, frustrated, injured, and exhausted, they decide their only course of action is to let the boar go first and hope for the best. While Kelly tends to a still-blind Zili, Eileen hears the sound of footprints coming from behind them. The boar quickly moves to protect the group, blocking their view of a human male with shaggy dark hair and clothes in fatigues.

Eileen, shocked to recognize the voice of her long lost brother William May, reacts with exuberantly. Introductions are made and William tries to digest not only the appearance of his new companions, but also the fact that he has been gone from the mortal realm for over 60 years.

Eventually deciding that the middle of a be-trapped maze is not the best place for a long reunion, the group retraces William’s steps in the hope that they will find the dungeons he was kept in. While not ideal, the general feeling is that dungeons will be an improvement over this blasted maze.

Eileen and will catch up as they walk, while Kelly and Zili keep an eye out for traps. Fortunately Zili is able to spot a series of trip-wires before anyone stumbles over them. After considering how they might be able to disarm the trip-wires, the group decides instead to simply avoid the trap and head the other way. Their pragmatic cowardice is rewarded when they come to a throne room, where the minotaur, Genlonaris of the maze, is waiting for them.

The minotaur seems perfectly cordial, and invites the group to dine with him. In return he asks that they tell him stories, with the caveat that not all the stories come from “the goblin”. Zili, undeterred, tells a long rambling tale that seems to sputter out with no purpose. Will shares the story of how he won a sailor’s shoes from his feet. Eileen tells a story of the May sibling’s past. Kelly, more melancholy than the rest, tells the story of how she came to be in the world of the faerie, and what trials she has faced on the way.

With the mood of the room significantly lowered, the minotaur announces that it is time for bed and invites the women to join him with the rest of his harem. Eileen and Kelly decline, and are shocked to watch Zili happily follow the other women into the minotaur’s bed chambers.

In their guest quarters, the rest of the group talks about Will’s lost time, and how the girls came to be in the otherworld. Will asks his sister how she came to be traveling with a goblin, and whether the strange creature is to be trusted. The women end up telling Will how they came to meet Zili, and how awesome she is overall.

Their story is interrupted when Zili comes running out of the minotaur’s bed chambers, completely naked, carrying her clothes along with the clothes of several other women. Completely unphased, Zili sits down and starts going through the clothes she has collected in search of shiny things. Eileen tales Kelly to have a heart to heart and explains some of her past to her friend. In the end, Eileen gives Kelly her true name.

Eventually the group goes to bed. Each has vivid dreams, none of which they share with their compatriots. They wake to two concerns: Kelly and Bran have vanished, and Zili is acting stranger than normal. Despite Zili’s urgings that they leave the caves immediately, they pause long enough to have breakfast with the minotaur. Eileen ruminates over the note that Kelly left behind which reads “I had a dream.” and eventually decides that her friend has gone on her own quest.

After breakfast the minotaur agrees to escort the group – now lacking Kelly and Bran – back to the entrance of the maze. He also promises to make sure there is no dragon waiting for them, although he seems quite amused at the idea that there would be a dragon at all. Much to Zili & Eileen’s surprise, there is no evidence that a dragon ever existed in the lake. Before leaving, one of the harem girls approaches the group an gives them all packages that Kelly left behind for them. To Eileen the tea, To Zili some dog food and to Will a stash of pot. Bidding the minotaur farewell, they push off with the boat and head back across the lake.

Emerging back into the open air, Zili seems significantly calmer. Having asked the minotaur how to get back to the lands of the Marquis, Zili confidently leads the party West. Shortly thereafter, the group is set upon by beetles.


“Make a perception check to see if your DM is lying to you.” -Kendra to Bootler
“But you have to use Bootler’s stats.” -Carly

“I’m doing it right now! I’m an environmental scientist!” -Will

“I ain’t angry… and that was piss poor logic, Zili!” -Eileen


Aw, damn… well.. I guess I don’t need to post the version I had been working on during the week now lol I guess we will have to co-ordinate a schedule for who does it when!

Thanks for the update Bootler!

Session 4
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