The Third Road

Session 9

Cut Scene

Some time ago near a small hamlet far to the south and east, where the sands blow wildly across a large and lonely desert – lived a dragon. She wasn’t old as dragons go, and young yet to have had her first brood but times have changed. Man was growing more numerous and more vigilant in keeping their flocks. Hunting was getting nigh impossible as game thinned and moved on. A few more days and her young ones would be able to move deeper into the wilds. A few more days, it turns out, was too much to ask. They came for her and the children in the night. Spells to bind and steel and iron to cut. Chains burned into flesh and she struggled to no avail. They took her last living child away. They dragged him through the hamlet. She saw it through a mothers eyes. A man in shining metal high on his white horse stuck her son through and was lauded for it. Was sainted for it.

Present Day:

In the darkness one eye opens, and still chained, she remembers.

Eileen jumps up and helps red into his armor, and they declare that they should leave before the battle begins. Zili, horrified, refuses and runs out to fight while Eileen and Red go in the opposite direction. Zili encounters a villager fighting a group of Lanx, hitting them with an impressive power, but they manage to kill the villager anyway. Just then Will charges in, mounted on King, and they kick some dragon butt. After defeating the first group, another arrives on a boat , separating Zili and Will on the boardwalk. In the water appears a large ship from one way, then not long after another from the opposite. Will allays some fear by reporting that one of the ships is an allied vessel.

Meanwhile Eileen and Red are hightailing it out of the chance of battle, Eileen summoning a shadowy serpent to scout ahead to avoid danger. Unfortunately at one point after the serpent disappears, they are spotted and quickly put an on act. Eileen tries to run away and Red backhands her, fooling the guards that spotted them. They journey further and Eileen uses her Animal Messenger ritual to send word to Zili. Red commands a Lonks soldier that happens upon them to report and averts him from the hiding Eileen. A little further the two hunker down to wait for their companion.

Finally, when the battle ends, Zili and will are led to the Baron, who is glad to see they are unharmed. The bird reaches Zili and tells her where their other members of the party are. In the background, Queen Morgana descends off of a ship and informs them that they will talk later. The two head to the north where Red and Eileen are to have been, Zili chastising them for running away. Red and Eileen try to explain they were protecting the Queen’s investment in Red.

Back in court, red is very disturbed at the sight of so many bodies, especially his fellow Lonks. Eileen is sympathetic towards him, Will is slightly blase as the war worn soldier he is. They are taken to a room where the Queen is with her ladies and the Baron. She has a talk with the party in regards to the plight her people are in. She thanks them for their loyalty and asks them to go on a journey across the sea to the Northeast. A warrior woman named Skathash is there and the group is to take a letter to her and train with her as well. The “Eagle’s Shadow” will take them. In return, the Queen will have the Marquis look for Moira. Eileen inquires on the concept of death now in the land, and it seems the rules have changed greatly since the Mays were last there. They give their words and are led to the record room to report anything they can before they leave for the island of Skye.

Red and Zili leave before the Mays and have a conversation on Red’s feelings towards the death of her fellow Lonks. The Queen’s assistant finds them as well and tells them they are requested by Morgana once again. Red and Zili go to her chambers and the Lonks is given an amulet that will prove he is a servant of the Unseelie Queen.

Before setting off, Zili checks out her old burrow-home to make sure her stash is alright, Eileen and Red have a talk, Eileen feeds the boar, and Will takes in the burning of bodies from the previous battle.


“Ka-chunk, ka-chunk, kachunk…..silence….” -Red trying to sneak.

“Do you think we could attack someone if they happen upon us?” –Eileen
“…I think it would be better if we didn’t attract attention.” –Red
“Aye… I’m just so bored!!” –Eileen

“Quick, what’s the most terrible smell for a Lanx?” –Kendra
“The smell of joy?” –Aaron
“The smell of children’s laughter?” –Carly

“…..We’re going to need a bigger boar.” –Aaron on the amount of Lanx.


Carly – you keep spelling Lanx as ‘lonks’ even though I’ve told you several times it’s Lanx!!! What’s wrong with you!!! Also – I love you would you date with me?

Session 9

P.S. Awesome update! I think writing during the session worked out well!

Session 9
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