Bran is an Irish wolfhound


Level 8 Wolfhound

Ability Scores: Strength: 16, Constitution: 14, Dexterity: 14, Intelligence:6 Wisdom: 16, Charisma: 6 Size: Medium Speed: 7 Vision: Low Light Defenses: AC 22, Fortitude 20, Reflex 20, Will 21 Hit Points: 78 Healing Surge Value: 19 (two healing surges/day) Attack Bonus: 12 Damage: 1d8 Basic Melee Attack: Bite; 12 vs. AC; 1d8 + Strength modifier damage (+3). Combat Advantage: When a wolfhound has combat advantage against a target, the wolfhound gains a bonus to damage rolls against the target equal to the wolfhounds wisdom modifier (+3). Trained Skills: Endurance, Perception


Bran is sweet-tempered, patient, generous, thoughtful and can be trusted with children. Dignified and willing, he is unconditionally loyal to Kelly. Bran is not a guard dog by nature, but may be a deterrent simply due to his size. He tends to greet everyone as a friend, so use of him as a watch dogs is not recommended; although when he or Kelly are put in real danger, he is fearless in nature. Irish Wolfhounds are highly sensitive, requiring a positive environment, encouraging attitude and non-overbearing training methods.

His grey coat is rough and hard and especially long and wiry over the eyes and under the jaw. Bran is about 4ft tall and weighs around 169 lbs (On his hind legs he reaches 6 feet 4 inches).

Brans Motto: “Gentle when stroked. Fierce when provoked.”

Legend has it that the wolfhounds were a ferocious dog in battle, a tenacious courser of large game and a trustworthy guardian. Originally, they were used to hunt wolves and elk and to accompany Irish nobles to war.


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