William May

Hero of Another Time


On Earth: Dark hair, with eyes so deep a brown they seem almost black, Will typically styles his hair and clothes to fit in with whatever time and place he happens to find himself – though his hair is nearly always slightly disheveled and they’ve not yet crafted the razor equal to his five o’clock shadow. A little taller than average, powerfully built, graceful of both motion and speech, always ready with a smile.

Elsewhere: Much the same, though perhaps seeming a little leaner. The one great difference in his appearance is his hair, which he wears long and loose.


William May was born in County Mayo, Ireland, in 1830. The eldest of the May children, Will spent his childhood happily getting into trouble; by thirteen he’d already developed a taste for ignoring his chores and for stolen sips of whiskey. His trials since – the disappearances of his father and brother, the Great Famine, and the journey to America – served to transform him from a feckless ne’er do well to a capable warrior, a devoted husband and (adoptive) father, and an able leader that cares deeply for all those under his charge, albeit one that refuses to march to any drummer but his own.

William has spent most of his life fighting in one war or another, but always for the same cause; to protect what little wonder and magic is left in the world, and to fight those that would see them extinguished forever. His last war was fought at the tail end of World War Two, where he was charged with destroying a German secret weapon. At the very door to his objective, he was surprised by an intense white light, and then nothing. He came to bound in chains, knowing only that he had somehow arrived in the other world. One day he awoke from his stupor to find that his chains had been undone, and made good his escape. Eventually he came upon Eileen and Zili at the heart of a labyrinth, only to discover that he had been missing from the mortal world for over 60 years.

As he’s been missing for half a century, Will has no idea where any of his possessions currently are, few as they were to begin with. All he currently carries are his recently-found armor and weapons, a set of dogtags, a battered notebook, and a Claddagh ring upon his left hand.

William May

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