Eileen Annie May

Long Lived Fearie in Disguise


In the Human World: -Short bright red hair in a pixie cut -Dull green eyes -Constantly sporting an oversized black leather motorcycle jacket -Often appears to be “badass” as her disposition is usually cold and aloof, but on the rare occasion has a certain mischievous twinkle in her eye

In Tir Na Nog:


Eileen Annie May was born in the mid 1800’s in County Mayo, Ireland, the youngest in a family with two brothers (Will and Ian), an Older sister (Siobahn) and her parents. When she was 9, during the potato famine she and two of her siblings immigrated to New York to start a new life, and look for her estranged father. 2 years later she and her siblings started their trek to the west upon hearing rumors of James’ spotted there.

Because of the special nature of her genealogy, she has ceased to age since she hit the age of 21.

Currently she drifts from city to city, often finding herself back in San Fransisco. She often attends lectures at SFU and takes advantage of clerical errors in registries to live in dorm rooms for the school year.

At the start of game, she is couch surfing on one of her few friend’s couches after returning to SF for the umpteenth time. She has no permanent job of note, often finding herself getting employment with courier services as they are easy to come by and don’t require training. She has a highly specialized and extensive knowledge base in history, specifically mythology and American history from the turn of the century on.

Eileen loves to dance, and often drags who she can to the crowded clubs of downtown in any city she’s in. Instead of involving herself in the mating rituals that often happen there, she prefers to dance from the moment she walks into the door until close when most other people are dead on their feet.

Currently she goes by the name “Katherine O’Toole”, and has forged documentation to back up the persona.

Items on note that are always with her are as follows: -One necklace with what looks like a marble for a pendant -One small stone bowl -Her pet rabbit “Wyatt” which has lived abnormally long for her species -A worn journal -One old fashioned photocopied picture of a man

She also has a saftey deposit box, located at the downtown location of W&S savings and Loans of San Fransisco, that includes the following: -One old fashioned photo -One hand bound sheath of worn paper containing hand written stories -One Rosary

Eileen Annie May

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