The Third Road

Session 5

James, Jim and Jerry

It is a seemingly much easier time defeating the beetles from last game (after the stats reset, basically) with Will and the Boar double teaming the bugs effectively, Eileen bombing them with magic, and Zili… basically running in circles. They team barely has time to catch their breath when they hear a rustling behind one of the giant rocks. Zili and Will very silently sneak towards it to discover a large, dragon-like humanoid on top of the rock. The group is wary of the new stranger, especially when he tells them he is there to retrieve a bag of goods that are meant for them. He wins over Zili by emptying the bag and showing her something shiny. Also in the bag is a compass, some clothing, armor, weapons, potions, a rod and a letter with (as Will figures out) co-ordinates to somewhere.

The dragonman’s name is Red, and through the conversation they have with him, they discover that there is a race of dragon people, The Lonks. It seems they are massing in large numbers and formations similar to the ancient Roman legions for what can only be assumed is a war against the Danu. Red doesn’t think along the same lines as his war minded and implicit-order-following brothers, preferring to gain knowledge of anything he can get his hands on, from philosophy to poetry. He informs them that a friend of his (who we find out later is an honor bound Danu) gave him instructions to go on a quest which led him to the party. Further talk and the eventual decision to follow Red and his co-ordinates ensue. That night Will and Red talk of poetry, Eileen gives him an Anne Rice novel, and Zili… fakes being asleep so she can spy on the conversation Will and Eileen have later about the amassing army.

The next morning the group sets out towards the compass barring and they end up near a sea. Red bluffs his way through a guarded checkpoint and gets the motley crew down to the shore (with some thoughts that go unfulfilled on how to blow a few of the war shipped docked at the harbor). After intimidating a poor fish monger woman, the group manages to procure themselves a merchant ship to travel across the ocean in the direction of the compass. The captain, David, seems unwilling at first, but after being figuratively slapped with a wad of cash, he concedes. The boar is loaded onto the boat with Eileen trying her best to keep it calm. Will is sent to shore to grab the rest of the crew who are sent for by means of a series of flags on the ship’s mast. Will meets them on the beach after a time and they introduce themselves as the three brothers’ James. Finally all are loaded on the ship and they set a course towards the mysterious co-ordinates. Will and Red offer to row, Eileen takes a post by the boar trying to keep him calm, and Zili does as Zili does by inspecting everything and telling stories of herself. Red finally tells the name of the man that sent him on his quest, Teslan.

Time goes by and the next day arrives only to bring a large and ominous shape in the water that causes the Captain a great deal of worry.


“I hope that doesn’t happen every day.” – OOG Bootler
“Oh, it’s Thursday, time for a-” – OOG Aaron
“Minotorgy!!” – OOG Carly

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry you have a dumb stick.” – Zili to Red.

“Is THAT what it’s for!” Red (upon learning about ‘the birds and the bees’.)

“Truth is not necessary.” Zili Proverb


Sarsarun artisticblur

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