A light-hearted trickster, with an extremely sharp sense of humour


Mid-realm: a small, slight human who wears nothing but a bright smile on her face, carrying a mean looking carving knife in one hand and a lovely silver picture frame in the other.

Faerie Realm:


Living in the Crane Court, Zili loved nothing more than to entertain herself (and others, but mostly herself) by playing little tricks on those around her. The fact that her clever jokes can occasionally end in gross bodily harm for her victims only makes them that much funnier.

Zili has many prized possessions, including her dagger and her wonderful collections of shiny things, interesting looking rocks, and colourful bug carcasses. She is quite happy to show off her collections to others, and doesn’t understand why they often complain about a strange smell…

Unfortunately, not everyone can take a joke, so Zili has been working for the Marquee of the Black Boar Court for the last little while. Although most of her tasks are entertaining enough – spying on visiting nobles, slipping strange potions in their drinks, and once setting a Lady’s bedsheets on fire – not all work can be fun. Sent most recently on a task to retrieve a human woman, Zili has no idea what is in store for her.


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